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Here's what our clients have to say about us
Unbeatable Commitment!

“Chas Clarkson is a partner you can trust to deliver time and time again.  They are not afraid of a challenge and work collaboratively to bring a vision to life.  Their commitment to providing the best possible outcome for the client is unbeatable and their professionalism in dealing with multiple stakeholders, makes them the first choice every time.”

Michelle Thomas

Senior Marketing Manager at Macquarie Centre

Always Delivering!

“Christmas at the QVB is unlike any other. Navigating such a complex building is enough to make anyone nervous, however Chas rises to any challenge and is able to be agile, strategic and collaborative in their approach. The team brings a sense of positivity and determination to any task whilst also a consistent passion for the project that inspires those around them. Their wealth of experience allows us to lean into their knowledge and trust in their capabilities – always delivering an iconic and stunning Christmas at the QVB.”

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Clare-Marie Martinez

Senior Marketing Manager at Queen Victoria Building

Key Partner!

“Chas Clarkson are Scentre Group’s key partner in delivering new Christmas decorations to forty shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand. In 2017 they designed and produced a beautiful suite of contemporary yet traditional decorations that have created a magical Christmas ambience in the centres. They are of high quality and we believe will stand the test of time through many busy Christmas seasons. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive to date.”

Tanya Green

Senior Brand Experience Manager, Content at Scentre Group (Owner & Operator of Westfield in Aus & NZ)

  • Eva Minvielle / Marketing Manager at Macarthur Square

    The Chas Clarkson team worked relentlessly to ensure the planning, installation and removal of Christmas decorations was seamless with little involvement from the Centre Management marketing team. Furthermore, their professional attitude and quick response to any issue or question was very welcomed by our team during the festive season. Thanks to Chas Clarkson for a great experience.

  • Rebel Matters / Marketing Manager at Burnside Village

    While their designs have been outstanding, it is the level of professional and attention to detail during the install and dismantle stage that really makes Chas Clarkson shine. You know when they are working in your centre, it is in good hands and that the end result will be something spectacular.

  • Deanne Abolins / Marketing Manager at Toowong Village

    Their experience and knowledge in Christmas theming and display is second to none, and Chas Clarkson's attention to detail ensures smooth project management every time. We appreciate working with a company like Chas Clarkson, who understand the management dilemma of balancing cost with innovation. We are pleased to say that Chas Clarkson's Christmas campaigns afford us much kudos from our stakeholders, and we are indebted to them for their continued commitment to our company.

  • Jessica Pagano / Marketing Manager at Charter Hall

    We received positive feedback from our shoppers and retailers who were blown away by the standards of decorations. The customer care desk was inundated with regulars and new customers passing on feedback that the decorations were "classy", "beautiful", "bring the centre to life", "stunning"... The retailers were really pleased as well and felt it showed we cared to invest in the centre.