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Case Study – Giant Harlequin Bauble


Project Overview:

Chas Clarkson’s “Giant Harlequin Bauble” for Property NSW was a key experiential element of their annual Christmas campaign. The decorative statement piece transformed the Darling Harbour foreshore precinct into a contemporary, celebratory landscape which locals, commuters and tourists of all ages could engage with, day and night.

The brilliantly-illuminated 7-metre bauble is a festive beacon, creating intrigue for all passers-by. The Giant Harlequin Bauble marks the commencement of the Darling Harbour summer Christmas calendar of events and its architectural whimsy draws people into the precinct, enticing them to experience more. The outer shell encloses an immersive internal activation for visitors to share with friends and family.


Project Brief:

Property NSW issued the brief for a “Darling Harbour Christmas Marker” in 2017, detailing a desire for an external, contemporary festive installation that would become a Sydney Christmas landmark synonymous with the Darling Harbour precinct. The design needed to appeal to families, tourists and the Sydney business community.


The brief detailed that the installation would be located on the Darling Harbour foreshore precinct, that it must be designed to endure the Australian summer climate and comply with stringent City of Sydney codes & regulations. It was imperative that the Christmas marker was safe and fit for multiple years of installation and could be installed and dismantled within a two-day period.


Our Approach:

The “Giant Harlequin Bauble” was designed to endure multiple Australian summers and provide just as much impact during the day as it does at night. A holographic UV finish on the giant bauble sees the structure shimmer in the daylight, while programmable colour-changing neon strips illuminate the precinct with a dazzling light show.


The activation was also designed to adapt annually to ensure alignment with the current Darling Harbour Christmas campaign. The light show is fully programmable and adaptable to any colour palette.



The Giant Harlequin Bauble needed to endure the Australian summer climate, so Chas Clarkson conducted intensive research and testing of materials to ensure maximum durability.


And with the installation situated within the busy Darling Harbour foreshore precinct, a safe and efficient installation was always going to pose a challenge. Through thorough planning and detailed risk analysis, we were able to deliver a professional installation, year after year.


The Result:

Chas Clarkson delivered a truly iconic statement piece for Property NSW. It’s unique and “show stopping” nature exposed the Giant Harlequin Bauble to a worldwide audience and helped to encourage international tourism at Christmas time.


Our design was recognised by the broader design industry by being awarded a Silver Award in the 2018 Sydney Design Awards.


And with the lighting components carefully selected for their life span and stability with prolonged exposure to the elements, our dedication to sustainability ensures that the products may be repurposed for future projects.