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Case Study – Santa Experience Collection


Project Brief & Client Objectives:

Lendlease had a vision to renew their Santa Experiences across the portfolio and position their centres within each of their communities as the go-to destination for Santa photography. Their objectives included to position Lendlease centres as the leaders for a magical Christmas experience, increase foot traffic, dwell time & Santa photo sales, deliver a consistent and safe standard across the portfolio, drive social engagement and shareability of the experience and importantly, to gain cost efficiencies by delivering the project at a portfolio level, while still meeting centre requirements. Lendlease drew on their retail and placemaking strategies for each of the centres, with every centre’s objectives for the next 5 years included as part of the brief.


Our Approach:

Chas Clarkson analysed all of the information from the centres on what was important for their Santa Experiences and integrated these into the overall Christmas strategy. Preferred themes, colours and styles were all considered. Chas Clarkson developed 3 different designs that could be rotated around Lendlease centres nationally on a two to three-year basis. This ensured variety for customers and an increased level of engagement over the course of the multi-year campaign.



The regular rotation of the Santa Experiences between Lendlease centres and the associated transport costs was one of the biggest challenges. Chas Clarkson was able to deliver solutions through trusted suppliers and cost-effective ways to keep expenses in line with the budget. A hire model was employed as opposed to purchase in order to amortise costs over 5 years. Installation and transport costs were also standardised and approved for the full duration of the multi-year campaign to achieve clarity and certainty for our client.


What We Delivered:

Chas Clarkson delivered a holistic and cost-effective rotation of three Santa Experience designs across 10 Lendlease centres nationally. These 3 designs – “Magic Wonderland”, “Forest Retreat” and “Winter Woodland” – engaged Lendlease customers with a renewed sense of joy and wonder at Christmas time. And the rotation aspect of the campaign has ensured variety in the Christmas experience from year-to-year in Lendlease centres. A comprehensive maintenance program also keeps the products in premium condition as they rotate between centres.


The Result:

The result for Lendlease was a very well-received roll out of renewed Santa Experiences across the country, with increased customer loyalty, social engagement and foot traffic in centres. On average, centres also experienced a 17% increase in Santa photography sales in the first year of rollout.