Santa Experiences & Nativity

1. This is an example of our Nativity display case which has a Christmas quotation applied as a decal. The cases are internally lit, have a removable clear acrylic top and concealed castors, for ease of movement. Nativity figures are available in Regal or Natural and are sold separately from the display case.


2. Our 'Royal Deluxe' Nativity Set , figures are 70cm (27 inches) and consist of Mary, Joseph, 3 Kings, Baby Jesus and creche. The display case has been custom made for the client, Lend Lease.


3. The Nativity figures in this setting (1.2m) are larger than what we generally stock and were custom ordered for this client. They sit on a custom base, set off by bespoke timber backdrop and fencing.  If you would like to discuss Nativity options for your premises, please give us a call. To see our standard Nativity range, click here.