Our Team


Our strength lies in the people who make up the Chas Clarkson team...


Click the below image to see what we got up to in our inaugural 2019 Year Book. We truly enjoy bringing the joy of Christmas to the community.

 Managing Director


Tim joined Chas Clarkson in 1991 and is the founder of the successful Christmas Concepts Division.
Tim oversees the complete operation and retains a strong link with our valued clients.

Tim loves Christmas decoration and lighting (of course!) and looks forward to December when all of the projects are complete
and the team can celebrate the end of a hectic and successful season.
Tim is an avid skier and loves all things sporty.


Finance Director
Mike Clarkson

Mike is a qualified Chartered Accountant and joined the company in 1995.
Mike oversees the strategic and financial aspects of the business.



NSW  Account Director
Jason Sole 

Jason has over 20 years’ experience in Media, Events & Entertainment.
He has worked extensively with major retail properties throughout Australia; supplying live entertainment and bespoke activations,
                                                                                 often with interactive or digital components.                                                                                               

Christmas for Jason often means trips to Melbourne or Adelaide to reunite with family.
With 2 young boys in tow, there is never a dull moment – and lots of excitement!


Project Operations Director

Densan Obst

Densan joined Chas in 2017 as a Project Manager and in 2019 was promoted to Project Operations Manager NSW.
He has spent many years counting things, lining them up and making them fit together for the corporate, public and private events worlds...
So many events, so many production considerations!

Christmas for Densan has mostly been about its namesake. Evening Services and celebrating over beautiful meals with family.

Supply Chain Director
Adam Walker 

Adam has been with the company for 10 years and has tremendous knowledge of the Chas Clarkson product range and the
organisation required to collate and dispatch our projects.

Christmas thought: It’s all about eating too much then sleeping it off! Passionate about all illumination and new exciting techno stuff.
Ads is a lover of architecture and you could say he is a bit keen on the All Blacks. His favourite knock off beer is an India Pale Ale and
favourite artist is Eddie Vedder.



Production Director
Gerard Ryan

Gerard came on board with twenty years of event and brand experential experience- from design to production,delivering custom built solutions for many high end clients and agencies. 
Down time for Gerard can reign from reading, walking, looking after his two sons and when it is warm, scuba diving. Coming from the Northern hemispher,

Gerard is still not settled into the warm Christmas holiday down under...but hanging with family and friends on the day with great seafood and
good wine eases the pain!