Our Story

chas clarkson brothers 1890
Chas Clarkson was founded in 1893 in the UK and then moved to Australia in 1900. The business specialised in ticket writing and point of sale and has continued to service the Retail Industry in one form or another for 125 years! That is experience you can trust. Always quick to adapt to changes in the market, Chas Clarkson took note of the increasing changes in retailing and a reduced demand for its existing range of products and services. In 1990 the Christmas Concepts division was launched by Tim Clarkson, a fourth generation family member. The primary focus of the business is to provide commercial Christmas decorations, Santa's Experiences, and Illumination, Australia wide, to shopping centres, public spaces and other commercial venues. Chas Clarkson Christmas & Illumination is all about creativity, vision and the ability to bring Christmas dreams to life.

What Makes  Us Different

Chas Clarkson is all about creativity, reliability and consistency. We are well recognised as Australia’s premium commercial Christmas decorating experts. Quality and best business practice are central to all of our processes, products and services.
In addition to our dedicated factories and team in China, we maintain a production workshop on the premises at our head office in Sydney, which boasts an extensive pre-decoration area and wood and metal workshops. The workshops operate all year round performing maintenance and refurbishment for our existing clients and creating prototypes for our upcoming projects.

Chas Clarkson maintains exclusive partnerships with international Christmas illumination companies throughout Europe and China, such as Globall Concept and Fotodiastasi, two of our business and creative partners.