Our Team


Our strength lies in the people who make up the Chas Clarkson team...


 Managing Director


Tim joined Chas Clarkson in 1991 and is the founder of the successful Christmas Concepts Division.
Tim oversees the complete operation and retains a strong link with our valued clients.

Tim loves Christmas decoration and lighting (of course!) and looks forward to December when all of the projects are complete
and the team can celebrate the end of a hectic and successful season.
Tim is an avid skier and loves all things sporty.


Finance Director
Mike Clarkson

Mike is a qualified Chartered Accountant and joined the company in 1995.
Mike oversees the strategic and financial aspects of the business.


  Jasmine Davidson 
Executive Assistant

Jasmine is a passionate and motivated marketing and administration professional with extensive knowledge spanning over 20 years.
She has a proven track record of being highly organised in various dynamic environments.

Growing up with a German mother and an English father, Christmas for Jasmine means celebrating in style on Christmas Eve with copious
amounts of food, wine and music....which is usually followed with a family  drive or walk to see local Christmas lights later in the evening.





Jason Sole 
NSW  Account Director

Jason has over 20 years’ experience in Media, Events & Entertainment.
He has worked extensively with major retail properties throughout Australia; supplying live entertainment and bespoke activations,
                                                                                 often with interactive or digital components.                                                                                               

Christmas for Jason often means trips to Melbourne or Adelaide to reunite with family.
With 2 young boys in tow, there is never a dull moment – and lots of excitement!


Sally Clarkson  
NSW Account Manager

                            Sally has worked in our Project team for numerous years and specialises in Christmas Concepts for our retail and service based clients. 

Sal loves long Summer nights and catching up with friends after the intense haul of work in the lead up to Christmas,
giving the kids pressies and long Christmas lunches!  

Sall is a devoted mother of 3 girls and enjoys hanging out with them, discovering the world.  
She is a bit of a nature girl who loves walking in the mountains.


 Jeff Reingold
NSW Account Manager

Jeff joins Chas Clarkson with a successful background in film, TV and promotions and brings a wealth of experience to the Chas Clarkson team. 

Christmas for Jeff is remembering the season in Canada with cold winters, warm fireplaces,
Christmas Eve dinners with pumpkin pie and eggnog and great Christmas decorations!


Max Austin-Williams
NSW Account Manager

Max joins Chas Clarkson with an extensivebackground in community and economic development, with an emphasis on downtown district management and marketing - providing profit-maximizing strategy across retail, restaurant, and commercial service sectors.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Christmas time for Max and his family has always included a snowy, Winter-white backdrop and quite a bit of celebration. 

Recently moving to Sydney, he and his husband will swap snow for sand this holiday. Definitely a bit of a shock, but he is excited to celebrate the Christmas season in a new climate, with beautiful new surroundings.






    Narelle Lloyd 
VIC & SA Senior Account Manager

Narelle first joined Chas in 2010 and with over 20 years experience in the events industry, covering major events, exhibitions, projects and account management.
She is a highly accomplished results driven professional who is enthusiastic and passionate. 
Narelle truly loves all things Christmas! The best part is taking a blank canvas and producing something so special that makes children squeal with delight and adules smile in awe at
what we create.To have a balance between work and life, Narelle keeps fit training and competing in Dragon Boat Racing with the Melbourne Flames and the Australian ' Auroras'. 


                                  Carmen Quinn                                         
VIC Senior Account Manager

Carmen joined the team in late 2017 and has a diverse background in a variety of sales and operational environments. 
She has spent the past 15 years working across a range of industries including Events, Exhibitions, Hospitality & Retail Fit-out.

The one thing she loves the most that all her roles have in common is being able to provide solutions for clients by taking a concept and turning it into a reality.

Christmas is a special time for Carmen and her family. They all take in turns in hosting a big traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. Everyone brings over their presents and opens them together around the tree.



Simon Quinn
QLD Senior Account Manager

Simon is a Senior Account Manager for Chas Clarkson heading up the QLD office. Simon has over 16 years experience in the
Christmas industry and an intimate knowledge of all our QLD clients. 

Simon loves getting involved in the festive season, Mince Pies with Brandy Sauce and cooking a huge lunch for family and friends.
Relaxation means sports, cars, great wine and cheese, skiing…not all at once of course!


Sean Murtagh
QLD Account Manager

Sean joined the QLD team as a full time Project Manager in 2009 after several seasons in our installation teams.
Sean brings this vital on site experience to his Account Manager role.

 On Christmas, Sean enjoys cooking a roast dinner for his family and all of the Christmas lights and decorations. Sean plays Rugby,
watches Rugby, talks about Rugby, enjoys music (Rugby Songs, only joking and a cold beer, after Rugby.


Riley Pearce
QLD Account Manager Assistant


Riley joined Chas in 2017 and has a background in events and public relations. She is enthusiastic about experiential projects and Christmas;
whilst engaging in a high quality service for each client. 


Christmas for Riley is being surrounded by her family and friends, plates of fresh prawns and listening to Christmas carol favourites.
Riley loves her seafood, live bands and a glass of wine. 






Densan Obst
Project Operations Manager 

Densan joined Chas in 2017 as a project Manager and in 2018 was promoted to Project Operations Manager NSW. He has spent many years counting things, lining them up and making them fit together for the corporate, public and private event worlds...  
So many events, so many production considerations !

Christmas for Densan has mostly been about its namesake. Evening services and celebrating over beautiful meals with family. 


Margaret Farr
NSW Project Manager

Margaret joined Chas Clarkson as a NSW Project Manager in 2012 after previously working for a multi-award winning event and
exhibition company. She has experience Project managing custom exhibitions, specialty events and experiential concepts. 

On Christmas Day, Margaret loves hanging out with friends and family and Christmas ham!  Margaret loves going to the local pub
with friends to sink a few beers, winning in pool comps and giving the boys a run for their money. A real music lover- old stuff, new stuff and live.  
Rivers Cuomo from Weezer - Love xx  Allen Ginsberg - Howl'.



Miao Kuang
NSW  Project Manager


Miao is a recent arrival to the Project Management department. Equipped with a background in event management, her enthusiasm and eagerness for efficiency drives her to multitask across a range of Projects. 

Growing up in New Zealand but living in Sydney for the last 18 years, Miao has always had a hot Christmas. Her Christmas celebrations always starts off with a nice refreshing glass of Sangria and a couple of Ping-Pong matches in the backyard, surrounded by family and friends, while popping Christmas poppers over a delicious feast, listening to George Michael and Michael Buble Christmas songs.   


Asher Waring
NSW Project Manager

Asher's background is in Event Management and Production Management, having spent the past 3 years creating and building custom sets and props for various styles of events. Prior to that he was a residential and commercial lighting designer.

Christmas for Ash is all about spending quality time with his partner and family...  switching off the phones and enjoying the company.


Melodie Nixon
NSW Project Manager

Melodie joined Chas Clarkson in 2018 as a Project Manager after working in the sports and entertainment events industry. In addition to this, she has extensive experience in construction estimating and a lifetime of music experience.

Growing up in a musical family that travelled Australia and the world playing as a band, Melodie didn’t have a Christmas at home until she was 12 years old. Christmas for her is all about the people she shares it with.


Jeanette Ward
     QLD Project Manager

Jeanette has over 16 years experience in the Christmas industry and has a great understanding of our complete operation. 
She coordinates the QLD office to ensure our clients receive high levels of service and all our projects run smoothly.
What Jeanette likes best about Christmas…Rum balls, Christmas Carols, Christmas lights. Jeanette is into exercising, listens to
Johnny Cash, enjoys great wine and cheese and snowboarding.
Angie Beach 
Project Coordinator VIC / SA

Angie joined Chas Clarkson as the VIC Project Coordinator in 2012 after previously working for an event and exhibition company. In addition to many years as an account manager for them she also has over 20 years behind her in International Hotel Management in UK, Asia and Australia.Angie's childhood was spent in the UK so I have fond memories of dark wintery days at the shops enjoying the many varied
Christmas decorations sparkling against the night skies!





David Ward
Creative & Technical Director

David joined Chas Clarkson in 2012 and bought a wealth of experience in event production and management, lighting design,
experiential marketing and custom display manufacturing. In 2015, David was instrumental in initiating our Technical Department.

Christmas favourites are the atmosphere of city street lighting, gift-wrapping, and spending time with loved ones.  David has eclectic interests,
and loves marking the start of the summer season with music festivals, wine appreciation and collection and producing music, customising
and modifying vehicles, lighting design and innovation.


Karl Grassl
Design Manager

Karl is a Cabinet Maker with a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from Coburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany.
Karl did his internship in exhibition design on Shanghai. Karl started work for Chas Clarkson as a casual in early 2103
and is now our Senior Designer.

For Christmas, he loves to bake cookies…the favourite collection of cookies his Mum used to bake when he was younger. 
Karl confesses to being a last minute Christmas present shopper and never makes it to buy all of his presents on time. Loves the life in

Surry Hills, especially with extended late Aussie breakfast on the weekends and on rainy Sundays he usually bakes a cake for
work colleagues as a  treat for Monday!


Jialing Mew
Junior Designer

Jialing grew up in the Philippines and came to Sydney 5 years ago to study at UNSW’s School of Art and Design, graduating with
a Bachelor’s in 3D Object and Graphic Design.

"My favourite part about Christmas back home, where the Christmas season begins in September,  
is the much awaited Noche Buena - midnight feast on Christmas Eve."


Mikayla Austin
Junior Designer  

Mikayla has a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree, having majored in graphic design and visual arts.
She enjoys travelling, yoga, photography and spending my summer weekends out on the water or down the south coast.

Christmas for Mikayla means spending time with friends and family, lots of good food and spoiling my loved ones.






Adam Walker 
Supply Chain Manager

Adam has been with the company for 10 years and has tremendous knowledge of the Chas Clarkson product range and the
organisation required to collate and dispatch our projects.

Christmas thought: It’s all about eating too much then sleeping it off! Passionate about all illumination and new exciting techno stuff.
Ads is a lover of architecture and you could say he is a bit keen on the All Blacks. His favourite knock off beer is an India Pale Ale and
favourite artist is Eddie Vedder.


Andrew Thant Zin Oo
Warehouse & Distribution Manager

Andrew joined Chas Clarkson full time in 2008 as Dispatch and Warehouse Manager with extensive experience and also works with the
Purchasing Department to assist with overseas sourcing and purchase.

At Christmas, Andrew likes looking at the lights, decorations and Christmas cards and spending time with family.
Andrew enjoys relaxing in bed watching DVDs and spending time with his kids.


Marcus Pitchall
Import Logistics & Procurement Coordinator

Marcus has spent the majority of his career in Logistics and Procurement both nationally and internationally. 
He is a Botany local with two beautiful young daughters who attend a local Botany primary school

“Christmas is all about the kids on Christmas morning.  I love to see the look of wonderment in their eyes as they see their
Santa sacks under the Christmas tree.  Christmas to me means family, food and togetherness as well as lots of lights and decorations!”


Leo Loreto
Import Logistics -Procurement Officer 

Joining us in 2017, Leo has over 16 years experience in purchasing and shipping both local and international.
He enjoys quality time with family, going to the gym, Hapkido and loves photography as a hobby.

Christmas for Leo means time to slow down and have quality time with loved ones...listening to Christmas Carols and looking at all
of the lights and decorations.
Attending the midnight mass and being thankful to the Almighty for all the blessings he has showered on us.






Gerard Ryan
Production & Logistics Director

Gerard came on board with twenty years of event and brand experential experience- from design to production,delivering custom built solutions for many high end clients and agencies. 
Down time for Gerard can reign from reading, walking, looking after his two sons and when it is warm, scuba diving. Coming from the Northern hemispher, Gerard is still not settled into the warm Christmas holiday down under...but hanging with family and friends on the day with great seafood and
good wine eases the pain!


Julie-Anne Spencer

Production & Operations Manager

 Julie-Anne and has been with Chas Clarkson since 2004.
As Production Manager for numerous years,  Julie-Anne managed a diverse and talented team who designed and created our unique concepts and juggled
many balls at once. 

Christmas… "Love it", says Jullie-Anne. Love decorations that make you smile. Love family time, surprises and relaxing.  Love a hot summer's day, a seafood lunch, feeling full and REST! 
Jullie-Anne is passionate about everything she is involved in, loves problem solving and Rugby, "Go the TAHS".   ! 
Home is where her heart is ...especially time spent with her two Staffies and cat.



   Tracy Martins
Core Production Manager

With over 20 years experience in all areas of signage industry, Tracy commenced employment at Chas Clarkson in 2012 as Production Coordinator and Estimator, after having worked on various projects with Chas for 7 years.

Christmas is all about spoiling the kids, nothing compares to seeing the excitement on their faces as they rip open the perfectly wrapped presents overflowing from under the tree! Family, friends eating, drinking, relaxing - it doesn’t get better! ‘


Jake DeSousa
 Production Coordinator

Jake had been a casual production worker with Chas for 3 seasons before we brought him aboard fulltime.
Having worked as a free lance graffiti artist, painting murals around Sydney, Jake is our super spray painter and does much of the refurbishment
and maintenance work on sets and props as well as building Santa sets in the workshop.

Christmas for Jake means being surrounded by loved ones. Being half Australian and half Portugeuse, Christmas is huge and involves lots and lots of good food,
good drinks loud music and laughter. 

Oleg Pidrutsnoi
 Production Coordinator
Oleg became a member of our casual pre-decoration team in 2014 and after joining us again in 2015, he became a permanent member of our production team in early 2016. Oleg supervises our predec and assembly teams.  He also expertly oversees our Hire Product Register.



 Maha Taleb 
Finance, Accounts, Project Analysis & IT

Maha joined Chas Clarkson in 2008 and brings with years of experience in Finance and Accounts.

Maha  has childhood memories of going to see all the pretty lights and decorations nearby, and is now  able to do the same with her two young boys.  
She also enjoys baking, shopping and watching Christmas movies with her family.